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Twenty Fourth Annual Robert Burns Supper
28 January, 2023 6:00 PM

We celebrate this complex man for the twenty fourth time on Saturday, January 28, 2023. You will be treated to some fine libations, you'll enjoy a four course Scottish-inspired dinner and you may even learn a little something as we recall tender, romantic, spirited and even baudy poetry. A bagpiper will also be on hand to make for a memorable evening. We ask that you get to the bar no later than about 5:45 PM and wait for the Piping of the Haggis. We'll come out of the kitchen with bagpipes at full volume, haggis on a silver platter, and preceded by crossed bottles of single malt scotch (that you'll be drinking later.) You'll follow the parade into our private Robert Burns Tap Room, where the room has been transformed for the evening. As you take your seats, the haggis will make its way to the podium where we'll recite An Address the Haggis, written by Rabbie, of course. The night has just begun...

The evening's menu:

The Single Malt Scotch Whiskys:

More poetry, more fun, more blue... if you've been to this event before, you're bored reading this because there is no way to describe how fun the evening is. If you've never atteneded before, you'll have a great time. You're also likely to be called a Rabbie Virgin by the others. You can purchase your tickets at the brewpub for $65, including gratuity. Ohio sales tax will be added to your purchase price, or you can purchase on line for just $67 plus sales tax. Your tickets will be waiting for you to pick up the next time you're in. See you there, and one more thing...Johnnie lad, cock up your beaver!

Tickets are on sale now.

Pick up ticket at Smokehouse