Mini Real Ale Fest is May 4!

Our tenth annual Mini Real Ale Fest is on the calendar for May 4.  We will be filling in details as we go, but we can tell you that we already have commitments.

Four beers are already for-sure:

–Bell’s Two Hearted Ale
–Bell’s Porter
–Southern Tier 2X IPA
–Flying Dog Raging Bitch

We also have commitments from the following breweries, though we don’t know what they’re sending yet:

–Lagunitas Brewing Company (CA)
–Founders Brewing Company (MI)
–Stoudt’s Brewing Company ( PA)
–Epic Brewing Company (UT)
–Rivertown Brewing Company (Cincinnati)

Of course, we’ll be there and most of the locals will too.  They are usually the last ones to let us know they’re coming though!  We’ll keep you up to date and will let you know when tickets go on sale.


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